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Welcome to the quick start guide for your purchase of Quote generator plus software to automate and grow your cleaning business
Quote Generator Plus is a feature-rich software with an administrative area which allows the owner to manage employees,
customers, online booking, work orders and more.
After logging in, you will be directed to the Administration Panel.

This is the Main Menu for the backend of your Quote Generator Plus. This dashboard will help you identify the needs of your site.
Company Settings

The Settings contains the major settings which control your site.
Within this area, you may change your company name, email, address, payment method, type of cleaning (residential, commercial) turn on/off "hiring now" button, email, tax %, estimated arrival time window, as well as control the logo, page title, theme and name of your site.

General Settings

If desired, you may turn off/on:
Users may purchase on site or receive a quote for cleaning service.

Country- Enter the country where your business located
State- Enter the state (province) where your business located
Calculate distance in: opt kilometers or miles
Address-Enter your business address you want to show for your customers
Phone- Enter your business phone number here. This will be displayed to your users on the quote generator page.
Email address- This is the email where all site notifications, alerts and approvals will be sent.
Link to website- Name Your Website! What is the name of your website? Enter it here.
Link to quote generator
Order number-Enter any number you want to start
Tax % - Will you be using tax on your orders? If so, enter the tax % based on country/states.
Payment method- Enter your payment options that you desire accept from your customers (cash, check, credit/debit)
Time of arrival: estimated time of arrival your crew to customers home (business)

Right panel- This is where you may edit your quote generator name, email, logo, page title and description settings.
"SAVE" - This button must be clicked every time for the changes you have made on the page to update on website.

Links- This is direct links you may use for any page on your website
SMTP and Admin
You may enable PayPal and a credit card payment gateway. If you have PayPal account, enter your email address. This address should be the same that you use for your PayPal account. Enter minimum % deposit your require in advance. Enter currency.

Service area-Enter the name of the city where you can provide a service.

You can share live availability calendar online. Enter the date when you are not available, fully booked or closed. You can also enter any notes into your calendar. These notes for internal use only and will not be visible for your website visitors.
Human resources
This is a database with your employees. If you want to enter new employee you will need to turn on "hiring now" option and enter all necessary information into application about your employee.

Any online quote can be printed from here.

This is where you can see how many site visitor you have on daily bases. This is how users will see your Qg+ page

Residential Settings.
In this section all the data preset for average cleaning company but you can enter your own time, rate, prices, percentage, additional options. If you would like set up your own data just enter survey data into yellow cells. After changing settings please remember to click "Save" button.
"SAVE" - This button must be clicked every time for the changes you have made on the page to update on website.

for review only after you set up your own time frame for each task.
You can use this section to provide coupon code for your customer. Follow the instruction step by step. Click "generate" button, enter your own text ,choose discount type, enter email address where you would like to submit a coupon code. Click "Submit" button. Bellow you will see how exactly your coupon look like. All sent coupons have status activated. Once coupons used status change automatically.

Analytics for review only
This is a list of all of your orders. You can edit orders and save. On the left panel you can delete orders. If you need to delete order just click on x icon and order will be deleted. On a very bottom you will see four options:

Generate confirmation letter for your customer
Generate check-list for your employee
Order status
List of special words
Generate confirmation letter: If you need to generate confirmation letter for your customer you need to choose the order and open it.

On the left side open any order by click on light green button with order number and your customer name. Now you can click "generate confirmation letter" to generate confirmation letter automatically. The letter is editable. If you need to change the text just delete the text and enter your own. Once the letter is ready you can submit this letter to your customer. Once letter was delivered to your client and opened you will see this in order status.

Generate check-list: If you would like to email order information to your employee click on generate check list and it will be generated automatically. You need to choose employee from your human resources section and click "submit" button.

Additional support
Qg+ has a Help Desk where you can submit all technical issues. We respond to every ticket in the order it was received within 1 business day. Please be clear and specific in your request for help. Entries like "Help! It doesn't work!"do not give much information and tend to take longer to fix. Explain everything that led up to your problem. Try to explain what your current problem is. Be clear about your concern and how we may be able to meet your expectations.

Email the Help Desk directly at
Within your request, please Include: Name, Email, Domain.


Quote Generator Plus is local to the Greater Vancouver area; however, our online presence makes us available to the entire business world.

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